Coubertin car park - Strasbourg

- Construction of a silo car park with 746 spaces

The built car park makes the most of the potential of the plot in order to provide as many parking spaces as possible.

The green facades as well as the existing and preserved trees create a second green skin for the project. All of the side façades (East and West) are open to allow wide ventilation and are covered with a metal mesh allowing plants to climb (ivy, hops, honeysuckle, etc.).

On the upper floors, where the vegetation is less dense, bamboo cladding is gradually installed.

The metal frame supporting photovoltaic panels and new LED lighting technologies make this building an example of sustainable design, reaching operational autonomy thanks to its electricity production.

The architectural project reveals plastic and artistic events:

  • Pierre GAUCHER’s sculpture of l’Homme de la culture de l’oubli marks the entrance
  • The chromatic work of the PARCUS graphic charter identifies and personalizes each floor
  • Finally, the ramps openings take up the musical scansion of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.