Our Work

Architectural consulting
and sustainable engineering

Listen and understand before acting, design, implement, without ever losing sight of either the end use or the user.


  • Analyze the objectives and take into account the constraints specific to places, programs, budget as well as environmental and regulatory constraints.
  • Establish general flow diagrams, organizations.


  • Size spaces and equipment, buildings and infrastructure to reveal the “genius loci”.
  • Study and develop the chosen project or option in detail and translate it into execution language while consolidating the final overall cost.
  • Suggest solutions, constructive and architectural principles and compare them: advantages, disadvantages, costs, deadlines.


  • Consult the suppliers and carry out the works contracts.
  • Ensure the technical coordination of the works.
  • Manage the sites administratively and financially.
  • Optimize the deadlines.
  • Supervise the start-up and organize the reception.